Luminox - Luminox Audio
Luminox - Luminox Audio
Luminox - Luminox Audio
Luminox - Luminox Audio
Luminox - Luminox Audio
Luminox - Luminox Audio
Luminox - Luminox Audio


Luminox Audio
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LUMINOX is excited to present to you our latest addition to our Flagship Series, an unique resonance to “The Sound of Soul”.


Although there is a variety of earphones cables in the market, most cables are dedicated towards offering a single sound signature and requires the users to switch between various cables to achieve their preferred sound

Leveraging on 33 years’ experience in Research & Development, Luminox Audio has spent 3 years developing a new patented technology allowing the user to listen to 3 different type of sound signatures through one single cable. This allows our users to conveniently switch to their preferred sound signature.

Luminox features three sound signature in one single cable: I, II and III. Users only has to turn the audio jack with a signature switcher in clock or counter-clock wise manner.  Turning the audio jack by 120° using the signature switcher will immediately alter your listening experience.

Luminox consist of 3 coaxial wire crosses braided as well as using Patented Pair Balancing (PB) technology. It maximises the stability of transmission while minimises the distortion, letting the user experience a neutral and stable sonic output.

Tech Specification:

Origin of Name: An exhibition of the company’s mechanical and electrical advancement. The cable is named after the brand to reflect its position as the company

  • Custom Made Flagship Cable (Require min of 7 days).
  • Hand Braided Cable.
*2.5mm to 4.4mm Plug Adapter inclusive inside package


Material: 4x (Silver Plated Ultra OCC Copper, Ultra Pure OCC Copper & Silver Plated Copper)

Exterior: LuminFlex™

Conductor: 4 Tri - Coaxial (12)

Audio Jack: 2.5mm , 3.5mm , 4.4mm

Housing: Chromium - Plated Copper (High Corrosive Resistance)



CM 2-PIN (0.78mm)



T2 Connector

Ear Guide Section: Metal Guided Wire, None

Length: 1.2 meters (m)

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