Named after “Luminox Audio”, Luminox reflects a craftsman’s spirit in dedication on work that epitomize the brand itself. An exhibition of the brand’s mechanical and electrical advancement, and truly a masterpiece gifted with warmth and glam, practical and creative. 

Why the Luminox cable?

The upgrade cables available in current market are mostly equipped with a single sound signature and requires the users to switch between various cables to achieve their preferred sound. With the  Luminox upgrade cable, we are able to develop a Patented mechanism which allows the user to switch sound signatures by rotating the audio jack using “signature switcher” by either rotating it clock wise or anti clock wise, providing a flexible and convenient way to deliver three sound signatures on a single cable.
While there are also tuning cable options in the market, many of these products rely on digital technologies and methodologies to provide adjustments achieve the sound signature. However, such methods will not only increase the electric impedance on the alternating current flow but also decreases sensitivity as well. Our Patented mechanism is a methodology which we achieved after three years of research and development, aimed at providing a neutral and stable sonic output without any increase in impedance nor decrease in sensitivity.