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luminox audio tech

Pair Balancing

“The essence that add lustre and liven up our products.” Results​ center vocal, clear cut audio frequency​, fine sonic reducibility Design electrical impedance of speaker will slow down signal transmission of the output (transmission back to audio player)​, thus results in signal distortion. As required, we made adjustment to the structure of conductor configuration that allows […]

Luminox audio upgrade cable


“Meticulous manufacture processing: we design for well sonic performance and pays attention to details, pursuing perfect.” Previous Next Weight suspension tolerance test: stopper – 7kg/min​ connector – 5kg/min plug – 9kg/min Bending test: stopper – 200g/45°/5000 times​/min connector – 200g/45°/5000 times/min plug – 200g/90°/10000times/min