Sapphirus "Limited Edition" - Luminox Audio
Sapphirus "Limited Edition" - Luminox Audio
Sapphirus "Limited Edition" - Luminox Audio
Sapphirus "Limited Edition" - Luminox Audio
Sapphirus "Limited Edition" - Luminox Audio
Sapphirus "Limited Edition" - Luminox Audio

Sapphirus "Limited Edition"

Luminox Audio
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Sapphirus, the debuting product of the Gemstone series, is created based on Luminox Audio's relentless pursuit of aesthetic and technological craftsmanship. Sapphirus features the first cross-industries of audiophile and jewellery conception design cable, provision audio pursuit yet luxury levitation. Sapphirus offers gentle transparency crystallize sound as her radiant aqua blue beauty.


  • 6N Silver Plated OCC Copper and 4N Silver Plated Copper
  • 30AWG
  • 8 Wires
  • Lumiflex Insulation
  • Duo-Liner Spiral Strand
  • Available in Pentaconn™4 mm and Pentaconn Ear™


  • Lumiflex insulation - a flexible mix compound encapsulates the conductor, allowing the current transmitting flawlessly by significantly reducing impedance for better sounding, including anti-UV compound prolong life spent of the cable usage under the standard UV exposure.


  • Duo-Linear Spiral Strand - Luminox Audio discovered that when the cable strands are in both spiral linear clockwise and counterclockwise, they balance out the strands' magnetic disturbance due to transmitting direction, resulting in a cleaner reproduction with a greater dimensional presentation.


  • Luminox Audio's technical competency, Pair-Balancing, is a precise calculation of the material transmission speed with a golden mixture ratio of conducting materials balancing out the I/O current flow and significantly suppressing the impedance level comparing to standard cable.


  • OCC materials sourced from "Industrial Technology Research Institute" of Taiwan, one of the world-leading science technology research and development institutes.

Designer's word

Sapphrius, her sound trait is as her figure gentle and firm, lush, dynamic high midrange, provides transparent with depth spacious soundstage, delicate breathy airy sibilant vocal, fast speed echo of low frequency a mellow thin grip bass. Recommend for juicy speed instrumental and bright vocal music enthusiast.



CM 2-PIN (0.78)

FITEAR (+$12)


Pentaconn 5 (+26)

T2 Connector (+$42)






Pentaconn 4.4mm (+$10)