"Luminox Audio was founded in 2017 to elevate the experience of audiophiles and music lovers. "

—  Vision, Mision

Our Vision

Customers will always be our priority. We aim to continuously evolve in our professionalism, dedication, and efficiency in our products and services.

Our Mission

Adapt to your personal taste, elevating your listening experience.

With our own Research & Development experts, we make use of our knowledge and experience in search of the perfect sound quality. We not only utilize our fine skills for exquisite crafting on the production line but also continue our research on developmental processes.

We are rigorous in all segments of the production. Our raw cable materials originate from Japan and are refined at the Taiwan Institute of Industrial Technology, guarantees pure 7N OCC copper raw material used in our products.

 Analogous to the best chefs in the world, mere good raw ingredients do not make the best dish. Apart from wielding some of the best materials, we continue to develop our own patented technologies to create unique, high-quality products.

 Our products are distinctive, handcrafted and braided to give each cable its individuality. Each Luminox cable is made uniquely, as even the seemingly simplest braiding process creates apparent differences in sound.

 Luminox cables are developed combining sound quality, design, and ergonomics, which converges a vast field of knowledge, including true metal material science, plastic electronics science, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanism…etc. to deliver the soul behind each and every nuance of sound.